Saturday, 29 October 2011

lets get ready to rhumble!!!

i've been listening to some of my favourite music from my youth recently. just for fun i've put together my top ten 1990's songs. some of these you might only know of it you were aged 10 in 1994 UK, but others i think everyone will love, if only secretly. 

10} Backstreet Boys: As Long As You Love Me.

9} Sly & Robbie: Compliments on your Kiss

8} Ocean Colour Scheme: Riverboat Song

7} Ace of Base: The Sign

6} PJ & Duncan: Let's Get Ready for Rhumble!

5} KCi & Jojo: All My Life

4} Hanson: Mmm Bop

3} All 4 One: I Swear

2} Desree: Kissing You

1} Michael Jackson: Man In The Mirror

Were you dancing to any of these in colour change t-shirts and leggings (the last time they were fashionable!) like i was? 

{em} x


ktpland said...

haha love it! hate to admit what I was jumping around to in the 90s in my wonderful leggings but most of these were part of my list too! I'll have to pull out my copy of NOW 39 when I get home!

flutterhappy said...

This is so 90s! ♥ I was in high school back then! I was so crazy about Hanson! LOL.

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