Wednesday, 10 August 2011

10 things... to do with old glass jars

hello! this is the third month i've played along with 10 things on the 10th (how's that for commitment!), and i'm really excited to share this one with you.

one problem with me is that while i hate clutter, i equally hate to throw anything away that might one day be useful. i guess i'm a real oxymoron. for this reason i have a cupboard full of empty glass jars, and to justify their shelf space, i often try to find new things to do with them. i originally thought i would struggle finding 10 uses, but when i started jotting them down i had more, so you can be sure these are the best of the best!

1} make little pot for a little plant.

2} use a jar as a place to collect bits and bobs. make a home for lost buttons and coins from the bottom of your pocket.

3} combine with some sturdy card, and you have a fool proof method for catching spiders (or anything else thats loitering around!). 
4} wrap a jar in wool (or "yarn"!) and make some pretty decor for your home. this one is sooo cute!.

5} make your own tiny terrarium. there's a great tutorial here. this is exactly the sort of thing i'd do when staying with my grandma 20 years ago - i lurve all things mini!

6} tiny jars make great crafty storage. i use jars to organise my ribbons, buttons, whatsits and doo-dahs.

7} store home made salad dressings and they'll be nice and airtight.

8} pop in some pretty stones and a little candle for a cute candle holder.
9} get a head start ready for christmas and make a cookie in a jar gift. i've never tried this but i love the idea. there's lots of recipes here.

10} long tall jars make a great make-shift vase. tie some ribbon around the outside and pop in a handpicked flower (or pinwheel if you have more paper around than flowers) to bring some colour to your home.

if non of these take your fancy, i suppose you can always put them in a recycling bin and let someone else give your jars a new life. see other great 10 things lists at shimelle's blog.

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Mary B said...

Oh yes I can see this list being endless. well thought out thanks for sharing

Deb said...

love all those ideas. The buttons look gorgeous in the glass jar

Queenie said...

Great ideas and i am a jar a holic too,lol,but never managed to catch a small person in one,lol!!
Loved reading your post.

Photographing Mom said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. :)

Nathalie said...

Fun post! I also love this idea:
Have a great day!

Ruby said...

Thanks for the inspiring ideas!

Connie said...

cute blog post~new follower, too. would love for you to visit me.

Susan said...

Great post! And great ideas. Love the little dolly in the jar - such a funny photo. Looks like she's saying, "What on earth did I do to deserve THIS?" LOL

Kerry said...

Great ways to use the jars.

Tina and Curtis said...

I like to wrap some wire around mine and pop in a candle to hang it somewhere outside. It's a cute little light for a late-night BBQ! Great ideas x

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