Wednesday, 3 August 2011

by my bedside

hello folks. i wanted to share with you my latest stack of reading matter.
the confession of katherine howard ~ suzannah dunn. anyone who knows me, knows i love the history, and the tudors are my favourites. this book is the perfect combination of fact and fiction, well probably more fiction to be honest. you don't have to be a history lover to enjoy this, in fact knowing the history pretty much gives away the ending.

dr yes ~ bateman. i've talked about bateman's fantastic mystery man series over and over already. i couldn't wait to read the latest addition when i saw it on the shelf, and i laughed from beginning to end. a classic!

poser ~ clare dederer. this is next my next to read. a yoga memoir. i guess it could either be great or terrible. time will tell.

beatrix potter: artist story teller, country woman ~ judy taylor. i picked this up during our trip to beatrix potter's lake district home, hill top. i'm obsessed with female literary figures of days gone by, so this is fascinating. plus loads of pictures make it a nice book for just flicking through.

so that's what's tickled my fancy recently. my birthday added a few new books to the pile which i'm looking forward to picking up... oh why aren't there more hours in the day for all this reading?

{em} x

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