Thursday, 25 August 2011

not going crazy after all...

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last night we finally discovered that the ringing noise that's been plaguing my evenings for weeks was not in my head after all. it was in fact, my bedside lamp's bulb about to go pop. now i know that i'm not going crazy after all, i feel much better.

the more i think about it, that light bulb seems to be a metaphor for life at the moment. things have been a bit sad around here recently, with summer disappearing before my eyes and the hopelessness of waiting for little hearts to mend. the glow has gone, leaving a ringing in my ears, but it has not yet been replaced by something new. i'm looking forward to autumn with crunchy leaves under foot and that chill in the air that means it's ok to start wearing woolly tights and warm hats. then before we know it christmas will be here where old wounds are healed and we bond over the things that matter; the things that keep our little family together.

thank goodness i can always make myself feel better by thinking about christmas!

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