Sunday, 14 August 2011

30 day photo challenge. days 6 to 10

hey there. well what an exciting week. i did something crazy spontaneous (well, by my standards anyway) and took a last minute short holiday to mojaca in spain. 3 days of lazing by the pool, enjoying the sunshine and a good book has done me the world of good. though it felt like i'd lost a limb having no internet access whatsoever! now i'm home it's gonna be hard work dragging me away from my keyboard. first things first. catching up on sharing my 30 days photo challenge.

day 6 ~ childhood memory (top left). that's ted, my teddy since i was only a few days old. he still sits by my bed every night. i hope i'll never have to part with him.
day 7 ~ something new (top right). my ipad. i love to use it to listen to county music broadcast from a far away southern US state using a radio app.
day 8 ~ technology (bottom left). another ipad related picture. the fantastic technology that allows me to track where my fella's flight is in the sky. yes - this sounds a little like stalking, but it's perfectly innocent i promise!
day 9 ~ faceless self portrait (bottom right). my shadow cast on the carpet at bedtime.
day 10 ~ something i made (middle). an interactive graph i whipped up at work. i was pretty proud of this! somewhat nerdy i know.

since getting back from my holiday it's been the greatest pleasure to see unremarkable girl get a mention at emily's blog and  blaire's blog. it's been such a joy to get emails from people out there reading my words and i'd love to hear more from all of you. if anything i've written has inspired (or annoyed!) you, please get in touch - my email address is over to the right in the side bar.

{em} x

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