Wednesday, 31 August 2011

30 day photo challenge round-up. days 21 - 30

well with all the engagement excitement i almost forgot to finish off sharing my snaps from the 30 day photo challenge. never fear, here i am with a bumper 10 day finale!

day 21 ~ pretty pattern (top left). my love of pretty wallpaper is so great that i hate to put a cupboard in front of it. the solution - paper the inside of the cupboard!

day 22 ~ trees (top right). the view from my living room window. can you spot my neighborhood heron?

day 23 ~ sunset (bottom left). had to cheat and use a photo a couple of days old for this one... the sun was not behaving for me on the 23rd!

day 24 ~ a smile (bottom right). bunny smile!

day 25 ~ sun flare (middle). trying to capture the sun setting beyond the trees.
 day 26 ~ something old (top left). notre dame! building started 1163 - that's old!

day 27 ~ after dark (top right). sunset over the seine. that's the eiffel tower sparkling away on the left. the lights came on just as we stepped onto the bridge, it was like magic!

day 28 ~ daily routine (bottom left). all my lotions and potions.

day 29 ~ purchased (bottom right). how did i manage to spend 53 euros in laduree? macaroons of course. yum!

day 30 ~ in motion (middle). sorry to end on such a rubbish photo. this is the view from my train window as i sped home from work. it was a particularly grey day and the scenery was not great!

well done if you are still reading. i'll be back soon with all the details of our time in paris. the food, the hotel, the romantic proposal! see you then!

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Katherine Elizabeth Dominguez said...

That bunny is too cute :-)

Alexa said...

Macaroons, yum!

I've loved this series

English Muse said...

Hello love, what a beautiful blog you have here!

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