Friday, 5 August 2011

30 day photo challenge. days 1 to 5

hi there! it's finally friday night. what a long week it's been! here in lancashire it's been hot, cold, dry, wet, boring and busy! so much to contend with! i have however, managed to keep up my photo taking for the 30 day photo challenge. i used instagram on my iphone so i didn't have to lug a camera around with me (i have limited space in my handbag!).

day 1 ~ self portrait (top left). still not sure how to sort out this new hair do. i'm not really loving that flicky up thing it's doing!
day 2 ~ what i wore (top right). i just can't get enough of nautical stripes and cream trousers.
day 3 ~ clouds (bottom left). i'm spoilt for choice when it comes to clouds... silly english summers!
day 4 ~ favourite colour (bottom right). lovely brown leather monogrammed journal - such a sweet present from my darling fella.
day 5 ~ someone i love (middle). my beautiful bunnies - agatha and diggory.

oh yeah - some exciting news! i did my first guest post at desirous of everything this week. it was so difficult thinking of a topic to write about, but in the end i decided to go with what i know and talk about the simple pleasures in life. hope you have a lovely weekend full of pleasures - simple or otherwise!

{em} x

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