Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ooh la la!

i've been fiddling with polyvore again and mentally packing my case for when we go to paris in a couple of weeks. i may be packing it with more outfits than it would hold, and with clothes that i don't currently own, but that's beside the point.

Ooh la la!

Ooh la la! by unremarkablegirl featuring denim skinny jeans

paris is the place to locate my inner nine d'urso and work that casual chic look. i even took her photo to the hairdressers with me to explain exactly what i want my hair to look like. i'm imagining strolling down the champs elysees, sun glasses pushed up on my head, wearing heels and totally owning my 5'10"!

now i just need a mega shopping trip. i'm totally in love with those tiffany key necklaces. oh if only some hinting would get one of those round my neck! i'd wear it every day.

9 days until paris baby!

{em} x

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