Friday, 19 August 2011

musings on love and loss {journal entry}

i feel i should write something poignant about love and loss today.
{barbed wire heart from TheLonelyHeart on etsy}
this week my little sister has suffered her first real heart break. as a family we share her hurt and wish so much that we could have protected her from this. break ups are painful, and whether you’re 19 or 99, i imagine that the feeling of losing someone you love is very much the same. regret, disappointment and frustration create such an ache deep down inside that it feels life will never be the same.  
i feel for my sister so enormously right now because I’ve been there myself. over the last 10 years i’ve laid in bed and cried over boys more times that I care to remember. i’ve known what it is to feel worthless and hopeless, and if i could go back in my past and change my attitude during these times, i would jump at the chance.
i would look for the bigger picture.
i would have faith in myself.
i would not give up hope so easily.
the truth is that life isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be filled with all kinds of excitement, surprises and pleasures which make it worth living. happiness isn’t achieved by snagging the right person or climbing the right career ladder. happiness comes from within, from acceptance of how things are and hope for the future.
to quote my beloved baz luhrmann song...
sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. the race is long, and in the end it’s only with yourself.
i wish i could change the amount of time i have spent worrying about the finish line.
{em} x

journal day prompt from sometimes sweet.


Gwen Edwards said...

oh dear those break-ups are difficult. If I could have a cupcake for every hour I've spent pining, I'd be 900 lbs. At least. Hope she is doing ok.

Love the look and layout of your blog btw.

Tina and Curtis said...

This is so true! I'm pretty sure all girl's pillows have seen a few too many tears over something that's essentially so trivial in the long run...hopeless romantics that we can be! I hope your sister is ok x

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