Sunday, 7 August 2011

not giving up the day job!

one of the downsides of living with a pilot is that his job is infinitely more interesting than mine. at parties people want to hear all about the glamour of the pilot's life, or ask questions like why you need to switch off your ipod during take off. when people hear what i do for a living, they smile vacantly and then move on. so i thought i'd talk about my job today - whilst trying not to bore you to death.

after getting my management degree, i kind of stumbled into the first job that came along. i started off doing project admin in an software company. from there i became a operations analyst, or what people annoyingly called "back office". in time i moved on from filing and invoicing to specialising in business information and planning.
right now, i support my company's directors by taking huge amounts of data from all different sources, and turning it into something useful they can digest over a cup of tea. it's kind of like a grown up "where's wally", spotting the really interesting bits and assisting the big decisions of big business. my favourite task is to make pretty graphs that illustrate my point beautifully so i can avoid saying anything at all during meetings! sometimes i dream about spreadsheets and often i think in graphical form. i love my new ipad app, noteshelf, that allows me to doodle on graph paper til my hearts content, but sometimes i really do feel like a nerd!

so that's what i do. it's not quite flying through the sky, but then again, i hate that popping feeling in my ears.

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Susan said...

Aaah well, the world needs all sorts of people to do all sorts of jobs. It'd be pretty boring if we were all pilots. ;-) This post put a smile on my face. Thanks. :-)

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