Saturday, 27 August 2011

30 day photo challenge. days 16 to 20

i'm getting a little behind with sharing my instagrams from the 30 day photo challenge. but just to prove i'm still snapping away, here are days 16 to 20.

day 16: what i ate. this one may be a little misleading... i made a big bowl of salad to pile onto a lovely veggie burger (and a venison burger for the fella).

day 17: on the shelf. my beautiful collection of delux penguin classics. i love to take them out and stroke their beautiful covers occassionally. 

day 18: in my bag. a brolly and sunglasses... only in england are both so often needed! i never go anywhere without my handsanitiser. and more recently i've taken to toting around heaps of make up. lucky i have a big bag.

day 19: where i slept. i'm a throw cussion addict. i don't care if they are hard work, i think they look fab.

day 20: what i read. a yoga memoir called "poser" by claire dederer.

{em} x


Photographing Mom said...

Great photos.

Alexa said...

Love the photos and the delux penguin classics look SO beautiful!

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