Thursday, 18 August 2011

30 day photo challenge. days 11 to 15

days 11 to 13 of the photo challenge i was lucky enough to be in southern spain. the sun casting it's warmth on everything has the effect of making more photo opportunities than usual so these snaps were pretty easy to accomplish.

day 11 ~ something fun (top left) the hotel pool. shortly after this it filled up with kids, making it a lot more fun, but a lot less peaceful.
day 12 ~ close up (top right) a beautiful hard wood ceiling in a spanish restaurant.
day 13 ~ from a distance (bottom left) spanish hillside village. sitting up there on a rooftop and watching the sun set was the highlight of the trip.
day 14 ~ flowers (bottom right) i'll admit it, i lost my original flower photo while having a mad camera roll cleanup. this is a much less inspiring replacement.
day 15 ~ my shoes (middle) and new shoes too! i was so worried that they would get ruined when they were soaked by the rain on their first time out of the box, but they seem to be holding up just fine. horay for new shoes!

i'm more than halfway through this project now. this is just about the perfect amount of creative thinking i can fit into my hectic life at the moment. i encourage you to give it a try if you fancy it. there's no reason you can't start now, and i'd love to see your take on the prompts. i think i may miss this once august is over!

{em} x

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